Friday, June 10, 2016

Lenoge laptop batteries are produced by a professional manufacturer dedicated to producing high and stable quality laptop batteries for replacement, they are fit for many famous brand laptops. Today, we bring this unboxing and disassembling review for your reference.
(Lenoge Official Website:

1. Unboxing Lenoge Replacement Laptop Battery

The package is an environmentally friendly carton box, the LENOGE logo is on the front side, and on the back side you can find some product and contact information. There is a label on one side, which tells you the model name, specs and bar codes.

In the box, there is a black bag, a user manual and a customer card. The battery is in the black bag, and protected by two black sponges, so the product will not easily damaged in the transportation process.

The battery details

2. LENOGE laptop battery disassembling

Now let us disassemble this laptop battery, find out the inside structure, and how about the quality?

We can see there are three parts, shell, battery cells and circuit board. Other laptop batteries are also composed of these parts. So, what’s the difference between Lenoge laptop batteries and others?

Firstly, Lenoge laptop batteries adopt Samsung 18650 cells. We know that Samsung is a international famous brand of electric company, their products are high quality and trustworthy.
There are 6 cells, combined by series and parallel manner. Each cell reads 2600mAh/3.7V, so the whole capacity for a finished battery is 5200mAh /11.1V. The conclusion is, the actual capacity is right as it stated on the battery, they are not lying.

The circuit board which connected with the cells, offers power management and charging/discharging management function. When you using the laptop battery, it can prevent overcharge and over discharge, control and protect the battery.

Furthermore, close to the cells there have temperature sensors. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, the microchip will fusing the circuit joint just to prevent accidents.


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